About Us

ADVANCED SUPERABRASIVES was founded in 1993 as Advanced Tool, Inc in Asheville, North Carolina. In September of 2000 the company moved to our present location, just outside of Asheville, NC, in the town of Mars Hill, and to better describe what we manufacture, we changed our name to ADVANCED SUPERABRASIVES.

Our Facility

ADVANCED SUPERABRASIVES started in a 3000 square foot facility in September 1993. Within two years it expanded with the addition of another 3000 square feet. In 2000 the company purchased our current facility, which contains 37,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space. The new facility overlooks a large portion of the Great Smokey Mountains. The view of the mountains from our offices is represented in our company logo. We would like to invite our customers to visit us when traveling in our area.

Advanced Superabrasives Facility