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Advanced Superabrasives, Inc. (ASI) is a privately owned U S based manufacturer of premium high performance Diamond and CBN Wheels, and related equipment.


Founded in 1993, and initially specializing in wheels for the saw grinding market, ASI is customer driven and has rapidly expanded into other Superabrasive application areas. Today ASI supplies a broad line of high performance Superabrasive products for metal working, wood working, automotive, ceramics, aerospace, and even outer space.


Additionally, ASI manufactures the internationally well know TruDress profiling and dressing machines and the MT-30 high performance cartridge type filtration system. All of these products are manufactured and distributed worldwide from their 37,000 square foot facility in Mars Hill, located 20 miles north of Asheville, North Carolina in the scenic Smoky Mountains.


In this ecologically friendly facility ASI utilizes the latest available technologies to produce premium products in a manner that also protects our atmosphere and overall environment. As our customers will attest, these products provide consistent, cost effective repeatable performance.


More than just making and selling products, we are proud of our reputation for developing successful engineered grinding solutions for customers no matter how big or small. We also offer grinding seminars to assist with the training of new people and advancing the newest techniques to old time hands.


As a testament to our capabilities, ASI was chosen to engineer and provide two special Diamond wheels for use on the MARS Rover for grinding rock samples. You might say ASI makes wheels that are “OUT OF THIS WORLD” and there is now a permanent link between Mars Hill, NC and Mars.


ASI has also earned the US Government’s “E” for Excellence in Exporting Award.


We remain humble but very proud of our reputation in our industry and yours and certainly appreciate you making time to read this overview. Contact us if you have any questions or interest and visitors are always welcome to tour our facility.


Our Facility

Advanced Superabrasives Facility

ADVANCED SUPERABRASIVES started in a 3000 square foot facility in September 1993 as Advanced Tool Inc in Asheville.. Within two years it expanded with the addition of another 3000 square feet. In 2000 the company purchased our current facility, which contains 37,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space and changed our name to ADVANCED SUPERABRASIVES. The new facility overlooks a large portion of the Great Smokey Mountains. The view of the mountains from our offices is represented in our company logo. We would like to invite our customers to visit us when traveling in our area.

Executive Staff Information

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Attila Szucs
Jonathan Szucs
    General Manager
Brian Jones
    Production Manager
Wayne Alvey
    Sales and Applications

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