Model MT-30 - Industrial Filter System

Advanced SuperAbrasives offers an Industrial Filter System that quickly removes carbide, cermet, cast metals, glass and ceramic grinding particulates from oil and/or water based synthetic coolants.

Machine Specifications

  • - Cleans up to 30 gallons (120 Liters) per minute.
  • - Works in oil and water based synthetic coolants.
  • - Includes intake hose with foot valve and coolant return hose.
  • - Complete with motor protection overload and emergency stop.
  • - Available for portable or fixed position usage.
  • - 1-1/2 HP (1.1 KW) electric motor.
  • - Self priming centrifugal pump.
  • - Electrics: 240/480 volts - 3 phase 60 Hz or 400 volt 3 phase 50 Hz.
  • - Filters Available in 1, 3, 5, 10 and 25 microns.
  • - Space Requirements: L 48 inches (1220mm) x W 18 inches (460mm) x H 58 inches (1475mm)
  • - Warranty: Motor and Pump 1 year by manufacturer.

Available Information

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Coolant Filtration Machine


Customers are satisfied with ASI Filtration Products!

   Let the numbers do the talking! Results from  a Major Ceramics Manufacturer after investing in a MT-30-Filtration System

“Just wanted to give you some preliminary results on the test filtration unit that we have on the Royal Master. Here is a ROI and Rate of ROI. It should only take me 2.25 months to recoup the investment costs based on the gains that we are seeing. I am still bouncing other costing ideas around to see if there will be any other gains that we have.”

Unit Cost $ 6,250.00
Installation $ 3,250.00
Filters $ 87.52
New Coolant $ 1,297.98
Total $ 10,885.50
ROI % 433.71
Cost Savings/Month $ 4,841.44
Rate of ROI (months) 2.25
  Total Cost/Year (Old) total Cost/Year (New)
Price/Gallon $ 23.60 $ 23.60
Total Gallons/Tank 35.00 55.00
Total Tanks 3.00 1.00
# of times coolant changed/year 26.00 4.00
Filters Cost/Year $ 0.00 $ 1,137.76
Total Coolant Cost/Year $ 64,427.01 $ 6,329.68


It will only take 2.25 months to recoup the investment!


Filtration can help you solve problems such as reducing tooling costs and increasing capacity! Results from a major automotive engine components manufacturer.


Changes to improve Tooling Cost:

    1) When adding a new filtration system between the primary and secondary coolant tank at a major manufacturing plant, it improved the Reamer life up 20%.

    2)Change the surface machining process from SL Wheel to Resin bonded wheel (cost reduction of grinding wheel) resulted in a 58% cost reduction.

Poor Filtration
   - Unstable tool life
   - Frequent coolant changes at $1,700/change
   - Doesn’t filter both metallic and non metallic particles
Good Filtration
   - Stable tool life
   - Eliminates one coolant change per year
   - Filters both metallic and non metallic particles

Client Testimonial:

Good morning Wayne,

“ Yes the system is working phenomenally! We are really happy with it. There will be very little down time now in regards to scraping out the saw’s pan of the usual 4” of Macor grit every 1.5 - 2 months and having to spend money on refilling it with coolant. Now there is just a little sediment since we implemented the filtration system. I could probably buy a squeegee to have the operator agitate that and get it moving into the coolant flow to be filtered out.”

~A Plastics Manufacturer~


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