Meet our new director of inside sales

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Advanced Superabrasives, Inc. would like to announce as well as welcome Kevin Beamish to our team. Kevin is our new director of inside sales/customer service; he has been in the super abrasive industry for over 29 years. He is skilled in trouble shooting and various problem solving for customers. His main focus is meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers.

1. Describe a challenging situation you’ve been in and how did you resolve it?
     Let’s say a customer had a wheel that is not cutting free and is loading. I would advise the customer to check the coolant and filtration to make sure it is clean. Next he would need to review the wheel specifications and applications to make sure the correct wheel is being used. He would need to reduce the coolant lines and have at least one parallel to the work piece if possible. He would then tru the diamond wheel with a green silicon carbide wheel. He would need to dress the wheel open with a green silicon carbide dressing stick. As a result, the change made from aluminum oxide dressing sticks to the silicon carbide dressing stick will have a finer grit and the wheel will have a freer cut and not load.
2. What is your most recent work accomplishment?
     Reviewing and learning ASI’s superabrasive product to be able to provide the correct wheels to customers based on their application and needs.
3. What motivates you to go above and beyond at work?
     The people motivate me to go above and beyond at work. Building relationships with my co-workers as well as customers; I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I enjoy work with my co-workers and customers.
4. Do you feel like you’re progressing professionally at this organization?
     ASI manufactures precision HI quality superabrasive wheels, this combined with trained inside sales/customer service representatives meet the needs and expectations of our customers. This assures my professional progress with Advanced Superabrasives.
5. Do you find your work meaningful?
     I do find my work meaningful and very rewarding. With the combined support and quality environment that the ASI team provides, this enables a level of customer service that is excellent. There is nothing more rewarding than that.

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