Onsite Grinding Seminars and Consultations

As a supplement to the total grinding package offered by Advanced Superabrasives we also perform onsite grinding seminars and consultations. Members of our engineering and training team have traveled the globe to provide these services to our customers. Below is a listing of the skill sets and benefits that are a result of these consultations.

  • - Basic understanding of the principles of grinding
  • - Wheel compositions and their appropriate applications
  • - Proper procedures of truing grinding wheels
  • - Procedures for dressing/sharpening of grinding wheels
  • - Teaching the skills needed to properly evaluate grinding wheels and process changes
  • - Coolant filtration sizing, line and nozzle types and optimal placement
  • - Analyze entire production to see where we can help to improve both cycle times and quality 


Grinding Seminar in Mexico
(Grinding Seminar in Mexico)

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