Meet the new TruDress Ultra II

Meet the new TruDress Ultra II, now with 2" table top and servo controlled positioning actuators. The 2" table top provides even more rigidity to an already impressive machine. The new TruDress Ultra II is now even easier to use with the addition of an electronic hand wheel pendant. With the electronic hand wheel pendant the operator is in full control safely outside of the TruDress Ultra II’s safety enclosure.

Truing/Dressing Machinery

To expand our offering of a grinding solution to our customers, we also manufacture a lineup of truing and dressing machines. We offer machines that accept single wheels, all the way up to machinery capable of accepting wheel-packs from all common CNC grinders, or 20” OD wheels. All machines are designed in-house with an emphasis on simplicity of use and long-term durability.

Machine Specifications

  • - Rotary encapsulated encoders 1 micron resolution.
  • - Ability to true wheels from 1/4" to 16"(6mm to 407mm) in diameter.
  • - Small footprint requires minimal shop floor space.
  • - Real-time live image.
  • - Servo driven oscillation.
  • - Blanchard ground precision table.
  • - Sealed linear slides with positive air pressure.
  • - Optional safety enclosure available.

Available Information

Why Buy a TruDress (PDF)

Trudress (PDF)

Trudress Ultra II (PDF)

Wheel Dressing Machinery

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